You'll hire me once out of need, and then keep hiring me again and again out of security.

I go above and beyond expectations, am on time, under budget, and I know how to make your clients think that their ideas are fabulous and your photographers feel like they aren’t wasting their time on your client’s fabulous ideas.

I’m older than dirt but young at heart. My teenage daughter can vouch for me there. 

I started surfing at age 42 so that pretty much makes me fearless; I speak near fluent French which makes me fancy; I like Gary Clark, Junior, House of Vibe on a Wednesday at Harvelle’s and Prometheus at the Getty which just makes me a freak. I know all the stops on the 4,5,6 and the 405 (which for those of you not from NYC or LA, nevermind).

In all seriousness I work hard and like to make sure we all walk away having had a positive experience.